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Machine Learning for the small, medium or large enterprise. How can it benefit you?

about 3 years ago

Machine learning for the small medium or large enterprise. How can it benefit you?  

Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS);

ResourceFlow specialise in Data Science. One aspect of our business is recruitment or resourcing for specialist skillsets associated with Data Science, and the other is our close partnership with specialist niche consultancies in this area.

Machine learning is a hot topic at the moment and the likes of Google, Facebook and Microsoft are leveraging it to massive effect. The benefits of using such techniques and technologies are huge grey areas to most people. Google, for example, have already included machine learning in over 100 of their products and services.

Through our partner company, ResourceFlow offer a free one hour consulting window with a Machine Learning expert who will evaluate your current data systems and suggest ways to improve your bottom line with cutting edge machine learning techniques:

‘Our mission is to embed machine learning technology and techniques into businesses in order for them to derive value through insight, resulting in sustainable competitive advantage’.

Services include:

Consulting – Free initial one hour consultancy then daily rates after that
Platform – Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS); on premise or cloud based
Training – Classroom, onsite or online

Technologies include:

Machine Learning – supervised, unsupervised or reinforcement learning

  • Classification of labelled data (structured or unstructured)

  • Clustering of unlabelled completely raw data

  • Learning through experience and goal setting

Deep Learning – neural networks

  • Natural Language Processing, including text and speech recognition and understanding

  • Image recognition and analysis

  • Video and other real time streaming analytics

Artificial Intelligence – systems that learn, reason and make decisions

  • Taking raw data, passing it through the various ML algorithms and then taking action based on the results

  • Software based or embodied (robotics)

  • Improve speed and accuracy in all your business processes

To take advantage of this free service, please contact me directly:

Chris Wright
Director @ ResourceFlow 

+44 208 133 0822




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