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Data Science Recruitment

over 2 years ago

Data Science Recruitment

Data Science is fast becoming the sexiest job of the 21st century, if it wasn’t already. After a relatively slow start, the momentum has continued to gather and all indicators show that the role of Data Scientist is here to stay and the need for such talent will only continue to grow. For instance, the premier Data Science conference, Strata + Hadoop World recently held in San Jose, was sold out and the numbers of attendees and the size of the conference centres continue to grow each year. Indeed, the number of Strata + Hadoop World conferences themselves continue to grow with a fifth being added in Beijing this year, along with those already in San Jose, London, New York and Singapore.

So why the dramatic rise in the need for Data Scientists? Well the reason is mostly threefold: software, hardware and data. The amount of data the world produces is doubling every two years. That’s exponential. The data is coming from sensors, from the Internet, from science and from industry. Hardware is getting cheaper and more powerful in terms of compute, storage and memory. Sensors are now cheap and small enough to put anywhere including on us and in our environment. Data centres continue to grow in numbers globally. And lastly software; the algorithms for analysing all this new data have been getting faster and more accurate as well. Take deep learning, for example, now achieving superhuman results in many tasks, including image recognition and speech translation.

Obviously very specific skillsets are needed to be able to analyse and interpret all this data and then present it back to business. The three main elements of a Data Scientist’s skillset are statistics and machine learning, systems and software engineering, and business acumen. To be very good in any one of these challenging fields is hard enough, so an individual with the combination of all three is exceedingly hard to find. Hence the term “unicorns” being sometimes assigned to describe the ideal Data Scientist.

We here at ResourceFlow specialise in providing contractors and permanent resources for Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artifical Intelligence roles, and we have some of the best talent in the world, ready to design, develop and deploy these technologies into your enterprise. Call or resident Data Science expert Chris Wright now on +44 208 133 0822 for candidate availability or to discuss your requirement. 

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