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Deep Learning Recruitment

over 2 years ago

Deep Learning has been taking the data science community by storm recently. What is it, and why now? Deep learning is essentially artificial neural networks, or ANN’s, machine learning systems whose architecture is based on how the biological brain processes data. Instead of hard coding a set of rules to be followed, the computer system learns over time from the data that it receives, much like how the human brain does. Several open source deep learning frameworks have appeared in the machine learning community, such as Theano, Torch, Caffe, and most recently TensorFlow, Google’s contribution. TensorFlow is used internally in hundreds of Google products so it created a lot of excitement when this was open sourced last November.

We here at ResourceFlow specialise in recruitment for artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technologies. We have some of the best talent in the world, ready to deploy on contract or full time assignments. Call or email our head of recruitment, Chris Wright on +44 208 133 0822 or with your requirement and we will be happy to assist you in filling your vacancy. 




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