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Deep Learning Recruitment Experts

over 1 year ago

There is a lot of talk about deep learning lately and unfortunately few people make an effort to explain what it is and why it is of real value to you. Everyone is more or less aware that it is an important A.I. technology that lends itself for data science. Also, many people are informed about its many benefits regarding highly effective predictive analytics, across all kinds of domains, with little to no expertise in these domains required. Moreover, with graphics processing units (GPUs) becoming more and more wide-spread, it seems that the benefits of deep learning are accessible to almost every organization out there. Yet, anything beyond that is often something that receives little attention.

Deep learning is basically an umbrella of A.I. technologies, related to large artificial neural networks (ANNs), targeting complex problems. These problems usually require a lot of data in order to manifest their edge, yet you can see benefits from them even without having to fill your servers with big data necessarily. What’s important is to realize that deep learning is adept at solving problems related to classification (e.g. predicting whether something belongs to category A, B, or C), regression (e.g. predicting the cost of a certain commodity), and even dimensionality reduction (e.g. expressing the same information, using fewer variables and therefore less space). Of course, deep learning can be tied to other data science methodologies, making it a versatile tool. As long as you have someone able to configure a deep learning network for you and use it to turn your data into something useful, you are good to go. Because even though deep learning has become very easily accessible through various packages like MXnet and Tensorflow, it still takes recruitment of an expert to make it useful for the problems it tackles.

For more information on getting a deep learning expert on-board your team, and for a run-down of whom we currently have available for contract and permanent positions, please contact ResourceFlow’s Deep Learning recruitment specialist – Chris Wright on + 44 208 133 0822 or


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